Monday, December 12, 2011

NYC Designers Market

One Step Back, Two Steps . . 

Going to a show is always a gamble, but lessening the possible blows through calculated risk is the way to go.  Even with all this fabulous wisdom and over twenty years of selling creative creations, I still haven’t figured out all the ins and outs.  The NY Market of Young Designers had the feel of a NYC flea market; many amazing jewelers and clothes designers, and some unwelcome buy-and-sell vendors.  I felt nostalgic recalling over 25 years ago setting up my hand-made suspenders stall in a small artist / designer Market in Soho.  Back then, two things fueled me: one, the possible financial gain, and two, meeting people who could help / educate me about the craft business. A third motivation I didn’t acknowledge at the time was the adrenalin rush of the process of finding materials, creating products and selling them to customers.  Every stage had a plateau, a sense of pride in accomplishment, and a spark to move to the next step.  Back then I didn’t know that this process was going to feed me as an artist; the little nuggets of joy from step to step providing me the fuel to move forward.  Stepping back sometimes informs one about the eternal threads that lead us to where we are going.

I meet a beautiful Barbados milliner this weekend, Cynthia Hunte’s Chapeaux.   We exchanged our different methods used in creation.  I got fuel from the passion in her words and her hats were exquisitely finished.  She had the old school touch of perfection with flair to transcend time.  She shared, “One day while I was working it came to me I had been creating since I was 5 years old.  My mother would give me a tablespoon of cod liver oil every morning and a wedge of lemon to get the taste out of my mouth.  On my way out to school I would turn the skin in side out, shape it into a Cloche style hat and place it in the sun to dry.  When I came home it was hard.  I gathered wild flowers and decorated the hats to match my rag dolls’ outfits.”  Throughout the event she continued to share, about how the local seamstress would save her scraps for her, how one of the trees had long thin leaves she'd use to lace up her shoes and protect her legs, and how the wet tar from the road got attached to the heels of shoes to assist in making a high heel sound.  She said, "Although I’ve spent many years at Chase Bank, I have always been a designer."  I think she is right.

Over this weekend I met many creative artist/designers who were excited about sharing their process.  Although the dollars were not flowing as much as much as I'd hoped, there was a lot of communication around the creative process.  So, for anyone looking for more than just a bargain, for a hand made item filled with care and a story, please support the artist/craft designers.  I believe it is truly special to wear something that has been made with loving caring and has a story. 

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The market NYC

Hi All

This Weekend I am joining

A group of NYC local designers in the
The Market NYC
328 W 14th Street
( between 8th & 9th)

This is a group of serious minded group of young designers and I am glad to join them during this holiday season.

Friday – 11am – 7pm
Saturday – 11am – 7pm
Sunday – 11am – 12pm
Monday – 9am – 7pm

I hope to see You there!

Monday, November 28, 2011

The Contemporary Art Fair: What a Wonderful Surprise!

~I Loved Meeting You All~

Set-up was a dream.  I am used to creating a playful environment by myself, and this time I had not one set of helping hands, but two, and they both liked making jokes. Time flew and the booth reflected the fun we had in creating it!
“Thank you, Guys!”

When I got home after the first day I had a call.  A woman who was wearing a beautiful woven scarf left me a message, “ Myra, I am so excited about the many ways I have figured out to wear your bag, around the neck, across the body and over my shoulder.”  She said she’d send me photos.  I went to sleep smiling.  One of the best things when I create something is that it really can touch someone.
Over the next two days, there was a dance performance right next to my booth - just beautiful!

People who shared their love of art with me: a beader, a writer, a knitter of dog wear and many others. I thank all of them for saying, “I love your wine sacks,” “Just beautiful,” & “Love the bags!”

And I thank those who played with my art, purchased my art bags, and made me laugh out loud. 
I loved meeting you all and look forward to keeping in touch and sharing
My New Livable Art!  

Thanks To All!

"The Family Tree of Life"

Thanks to all!

I  have a very interesting life in art.
I thank my family
And all those who have shared their support, and there are a lot of you.
Thank you All for seeing a branch, stick, log or what ever and sending it my way,
Thank you All for sharing your knowledge,
Thank you All for sharing your resources,
Thank you All for knowing I’m a little crazy and still inviting me to Thanksgiving.
And thank God for giving me art and you All.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Fall Gifts

Living among trees in the fall imprints floating masses of colors that seem to be interwoven with dark linear figures on my brain.  Sunday came and the sun was playing hard from way up high in the sky with the clouds, to way down low reflecting off the grasses.  “Paint out side! Paint out side!” Home alone, it was clearly me calling me.  So I listened. Above is an image of my efforts.

"A Gift" Reach out for more information. 

Last Fall I was Gifted amazing buttons (the closure of these bags and the embellishments on the straps). Well, really, these were wooden disks that I drilled holes into and which now are buttons.  Layering the leather into landscapes and adding these buttons seemed to bring the outdoors right into these creations.

"Rise" Reach out for more information.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Driftwood on the Hudson

This new inspiration found me stopping to see the sun on the horizon after a full day of work.  The car pulled over to the side of the Henry Hudson Parkway along the Hudson River, and dinner was pulled out.  Uneven rocks, hues of grey where scattered drift wood was worn smooth by playing in the water.  Their graceful curves, bent elbows and smooth surfaces made them stand out as perfect handles of bags.  One had the remains of bark in just the right places, and another was stripped clean and bleached by the sun. Before long, an armful of treasures was placed in the car.  Turning back to see the landscape, the rocks into the river into a skyline of buildings with hints of nature’s greens and on top, a setting sun filling the sky.  Saying Thanks, just thanks. Before turning to walk away, large pieces of driftwood were gathered and joined; sculptures of thanks for the treasures and escape.

"A Little Somin" this is the first in the driftwood series.
Above and below are the driftwood sculptures left on the Hudson River Bank basking in the sunset for all to share!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wine Bags with a Flavor

I love wine with a good meal, and over the years I have been lucky to appreciate a not-so-expensive bottle that still had robust flavor!  So what has given me great joy has been putting that bottle of celebration into a beautiful hand-made, one-of-a-kind wine bag.  Below are some images of my latest creations.  If  anyone is interested in learning more about the process I have used in creating them, please ask and I will lay it on you.  Also, note that they are for sale ranging from the $50s to $70s.

Front of "Pathways" above. Back is below

"Horizon" above

"Expedition" front (the back is black)

"Night Scene"  above and below, two sides

Some of the things that I love about making bags is the layering of the many kinds of leathers; it is like creating multiple landscapes.  There is something very soothing when they all harmonize together.  On the other side - I hammer, push and pull the copper into shape.  After these strong  movements, I get to see what shapes have created; most times a fun surprise.   I joyously buff to a shiney finish.
Thank you for taking a peek.  There are more to come.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

More Abstracts

This abstract is a combination of a found wooden frame and canvas.  Abstract art is something very new to me and I find exploring feelings in this genera quite rewarding and challenging.  The jumping of point for the next piece was something light, airy, cheerful and big.  The above piece filled all of my desires, and in some way reflected the summer sun, but something just wasn't right.  A week later the answer came to me.

Now it is just right, but the beauty of the piece is that the environment/back ground is an intimate part of the composition.  With this in mind, the white background below brightens up the whole piece; a personal preference, or maybe it is just because it is summer.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Friday, June 10, 2011

Paterson Art Walk

The Water Falls & Paterson Art Walk
When gifted this space I knew that the usual would not work.  I was introduced to all five floors and each one had its own special features, windows, natural light, a view, distressed brick walls and more.
The second floor seemed to lack
any real attraction but 
the ceiling,
and so

I took the second floor and worked my magic to bring the ceiling to the floor and the floor to the ceiling.

This was a great challenge and so far it works, I have to go and finish setting up today.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Where I Saw Art Today

An earthen smell rises in the parking lot still wet from the rain, an unexpected warmth nudges on my back.  The sun must be slipping through the clouds.  And, all I see is color standing in the entrance of the green house. 

Love, Love, Love,

The quite is filled with a mixture of bright colors and a perfume Egyptian Gods would have exchanged for kingdoms.  

I am here at the green house picking up Lantanas; these are wonderful flowering plants which starts in May and end around October. They come in variegated oranges, yellow or blue and have one season of glory. 

 Quite a delightful side gig for an artist!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

An Artist Coalition for All

BWAC Spring Pier Art Show
May 7 - June 12 2011
weekends from 1-6 PM

This is one of the small art bays on the first floor.

The Artist Coalition 
(Brooklyn Waterfront Artist Coalition) 
has been promoting, exhibiting, and honoring artist for well over 30 years.  I joined them 4 years ago and will never forget the first time I visited.  The entrance to the pre-war brick building is on the very point of Red Hook over looking the Hudson. 
The Sun was out in its fullest glory and Lady Liberty bathed in her rays.  All this beauty and I haven’t even entered the Spring Opening show!  
The inside of the building was huge, just huge! There were at least 15 foot ceilings, 5 big spaces downstairs and 6 long very wide walkways upstairs.  At this opening there were all kinds of people to mingle with, all kinds of art to feed your soul, and a great blue-grass band originally out of New Orleans to lift your spirit even higher.  I felt like I stepped back in time to a little  child like peace when everyone’s art was encouraged, the whole was committed to the organization's mission, and all are made to feel welcome very unique in the art world.

Went fishing by Susan Handwerker

Right now the Spring Show is hanging and it is called
BWAC Spring Pier Art Show

May 7 - June 12 2011
weekends from 1-6 PM

Tick Tock by Richard Todd

which refers to two artists collaborating on a work of art; sculptors and mixed-medium artists, poets and photographers, photographers and painters, and so on.   And, on the first floor the featured artists are students from the Fine Art Department at Edward R. Murrow High School of Brooklyn.  There is no distinguishing these students' work from the rest of the show.  Visit for more about the show.

Above, a video of building a tree instillation by Myra Kooy

Monday, May 9, 2011

Eve's Urban Dream

Click on the image above to play the Video!

Eve's Urban Dream
A tree grows in Brooklyn

The Eve of something new
 all things are birthed out of something
that existed prior 
the big bang
completely resemble something new
sprigs of new growth
and even
unexpected births.
the obvious
Eve the mother of All

A video of the building and of the installation:
click below!
Eve's Urban Garden Video

When constructing this tree, I was really only clear about the size.  I wanted it so big so that even a tall person could walk into it and feel as though they were entering into a new environment; hence the windows which also reflect the viewers' image.  But with this project, as with most, I gather and prepare all my materials, making sure that I have more than I need and have a general sense of how I am going to connect these material / the technical stuff.  Then I plot out a substantial amount of time and let it flow most of the time. The work seems to build it self & I just bounce back and forth between the materials and the creation and every once in a while have to stop, breathe, take a sip of water and dive back in.  The finished art work is always a surprise and I will work on it till it pleases me. 

Spring Letting Go

It's a New Day!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Sharing the Fine Arts

What a great day it was at the “Out of the Woods” exhibit in Center City Galleries.  The Adult Training Centers of Cerebral Palsy of North Jersey came to the exhibit.  There were three clients and their leader Carmen who became the photographer.  When they first expressed an interest in coming to the gallery, I was excited to have an opportunity to use the fine art show as a community education tool.  As the economy falls, the support of art programs in and out of schools falls with it, which makes it really important that alternative avenues find ways to expose ALL people to fine arts.

As we discussed the assemblage and paintings at the show, I found myself grow in excitement.  The clients were seeing things that I had never thought of and it was a fun growing experience to look at my work through their eyes.  I asked them what they saw when looking at the assemblage; 

One said, “A Surprise!” and another said, “An earring!”  Then they added it would be elegant and not quite hit the shoulder – I could see it - and another said but if you think about it bigger, it could be a necklace.  So, many people in the past have said that my assemblage-no matter how big-has the feel of jewelry, and in this moment I could really see it.  Thank you, guys!  
                        Carmine Center City Galleries Head Honcho has Jokes!
I am smiling as I write this.  We also had a lot of fun, when we looked at Judith Peck’s woman,

We moved our bodies like snakes making sounds and laughing, and 

when we explored the painted door, “Guide” we animated the sounds of the drum.

After exploring the assemblage art the three created their own artwork.  Again, they amazed me, by being very clear on how they wanted their art to look.  

They were careful to look at their art from multiple sides and the finished pieces were definitely good enough to hang in a show. 

I so want to thank The Center City Galleries of Patterson for providing us with the space and the Adult Training Centers for Cerebral Palsy of North Jersey for coming to the “Out of the Woods” exhibit – it was great!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Great Reward: A Reception

I don’t believe that it has been a week and a half since the opening reception of the “Out of the Woods” exhibition.  It is one thing to go to gallery openings and another to be one of the featured artists.  There was a time that gallery hopping openings provided my dinner, a glass of wine and conversation in an interesting environment.  (Note that the dinner of cheese crackers and free libations were very critical.)  But I digress.  Upon entering the exhibition space, a wave of good cheer filled the sense, jazz, food, wine all in the presence of nature coming to life as Art.

Most of the attendees I have known for many years, and to my surprise they did not realize the multiple levels to my art.  I have come to realize that saying I am an artist is not something that has a clear definition like a doctor or teacher.  Even in art, there are understood titles like 'ceramicist', 'landscape painter' or 'figurative sculptor,' but a string of words like, mixed-medium, repurposed objects, assemblage sculptor, painter, crafter, lyricist, impressionist, abstract and folk artist all are also a part of ones definition. Saying, “ I’m an artist” is easiest. 

 The reception was three hours; just a perfect amount of time.  It is funny to me how many hours of work, phone calls, transportation, imagination, negotiation, money, tools, and compassion go into creating a 3-hour celebration.  And, yet driving home that night there was nothing more that I could have asked for-it was just perfect.  I thank all of those who came out to support Judith Peck and I at the “Out of the Woods.” Exhibition Celebration.  What a great reward this reception has been for me!          

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Peek at the Show

Hanging the Show is so exciting.  To my surprise so far, there have been no glitches; just smooth sailing.  On Friday I arrived at the Center City Galleries in Paterson NJ with two car loads of art work. Deon (one of the artists), was there waiting to move my precious cargo through the maze of elevators, corridors, and people to their new home for the month, the gallery.  We were toting branches, bark, and old vintage doors though the mall.  At one point I locked eyes with a passerby and she had the strangest look on her face.  It never dawned on me until that moment how strange we must have looked.

Deon, who was to assist me in hanging the show, went for lunch, and I stood in a huge room with my art strewn all over the floor.  I took a minute to relax and slowly things started to flow, in no time one wall was figured out and another then an other.  I was even visualizing Judith Peck's sculptures being placed.  By the time Deon returned, just about everything was placed and ready for hanging.  Mind you, hanging art work is not always the easiest, but between the two of us we figured out even the oddest requirements like, hanging mobiles and doors on hinges.  Half way through, Carmine the head honcho and man who offered me this opportunity, came to check on us.  The first thing he said was,  "Oh, this looks really good thats what you were thinking.  When I saw it on the floor I was worried, it looked a mess."  As we laughed, my mind shot over to the funny look on the woman's face when we were hauling the art through the mall.  Carmine sees art every day and was confused, so I can imagine what she thought.  I laughed an extra laugh at the thought.

The next day Judith arrived with a van load and Deon help us get her work in and placed.  Her work looks fabulous even better than I had imaged.  I am so grateful to her for joining with me in this exhibit.  There were only a few pieces that we were stomped with placing and a little moving here to there and back and we got it.  I have to thank Carmine for the space and his light hearted laughter, Deon for his willingess to help and sensitive insight and Judith for her beautiful creativity and wealth of knowledge.

The show is
Center City Galleries
301 Main St. Paterson, NJ
973 - 881 - 0001

April 9, 2011
6PM to 9PM
Show will Run April 3 - 28 hours 11AM - 6PM