Monday, November 28, 2011

The Contemporary Art Fair: What a Wonderful Surprise!

~I Loved Meeting You All~

Set-up was a dream.  I am used to creating a playful environment by myself, and this time I had not one set of helping hands, but two, and they both liked making jokes. Time flew and the booth reflected the fun we had in creating it!
“Thank you, Guys!”

When I got home after the first day I had a call.  A woman who was wearing a beautiful woven scarf left me a message, “ Myra, I am so excited about the many ways I have figured out to wear your bag, around the neck, across the body and over my shoulder.”  She said she’d send me photos.  I went to sleep smiling.  One of the best things when I create something is that it really can touch someone.
Over the next two days, there was a dance performance right next to my booth - just beautiful!

People who shared their love of art with me: a beader, a writer, a knitter of dog wear and many others. I thank all of them for saying, “I love your wine sacks,” “Just beautiful,” & “Love the bags!”

And I thank those who played with my art, purchased my art bags, and made me laugh out loud. 
I loved meeting you all and look forward to keeping in touch and sharing
My New Livable Art!  

Thanks To All!

"The Family Tree of Life"

Thanks to all!

I  have a very interesting life in art.
I thank my family
And all those who have shared their support, and there are a lot of you.
Thank you All for seeing a branch, stick, log or what ever and sending it my way,
Thank you All for sharing your knowledge,
Thank you All for sharing your resources,
Thank you All for knowing I’m a little crazy and still inviting me to Thanksgiving.
And thank God for giving me art and you All.