Friday, October 28, 2011

Fall Gifts

Living among trees in the fall imprints floating masses of colors that seem to be interwoven with dark linear figures on my brain.  Sunday came and the sun was playing hard from way up high in the sky with the clouds, to way down low reflecting off the grasses.  “Paint out side! Paint out side!” Home alone, it was clearly me calling me.  So I listened. Above is an image of my efforts.

"A Gift" Reach out for more information. 

Last Fall I was Gifted amazing buttons (the closure of these bags and the embellishments on the straps). Well, really, these were wooden disks that I drilled holes into and which now are buttons.  Layering the leather into landscapes and adding these buttons seemed to bring the outdoors right into these creations.

"Rise" Reach out for more information.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Driftwood on the Hudson

This new inspiration found me stopping to see the sun on the horizon after a full day of work.  The car pulled over to the side of the Henry Hudson Parkway along the Hudson River, and dinner was pulled out.  Uneven rocks, hues of grey where scattered drift wood was worn smooth by playing in the water.  Their graceful curves, bent elbows and smooth surfaces made them stand out as perfect handles of bags.  One had the remains of bark in just the right places, and another was stripped clean and bleached by the sun. Before long, an armful of treasures was placed in the car.  Turning back to see the landscape, the rocks into the river into a skyline of buildings with hints of nature’s greens and on top, a setting sun filling the sky.  Saying Thanks, just thanks. Before turning to walk away, large pieces of driftwood were gathered and joined; sculptures of thanks for the treasures and escape.

"A Little Somin" this is the first in the driftwood series.
Above and below are the driftwood sculptures left on the Hudson River Bank basking in the sunset for all to share!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wine Bags with a Flavor

I love wine with a good meal, and over the years I have been lucky to appreciate a not-so-expensive bottle that still had robust flavor!  So what has given me great joy has been putting that bottle of celebration into a beautiful hand-made, one-of-a-kind wine bag.  Below are some images of my latest creations.  If  anyone is interested in learning more about the process I have used in creating them, please ask and I will lay it on you.  Also, note that they are for sale ranging from the $50s to $70s.

Front of "Pathways" above. Back is below

"Horizon" above

"Expedition" front (the back is black)

"Night Scene"  above and below, two sides

Some of the things that I love about making bags is the layering of the many kinds of leathers; it is like creating multiple landscapes.  There is something very soothing when they all harmonize together.  On the other side - I hammer, push and pull the copper into shape.  After these strong  movements, I get to see what shapes have created; most times a fun surprise.   I joyously buff to a shiney finish.
Thank you for taking a peek.  There are more to come.