Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I Like This

I always stand in front of the studio doors embracing a few bags and a foreign object that will be transformed into something beautiful one day.  On this day only one bag drops from under my armpit as the doors open.  I pick up my bag, begin the routine of putting my stuff away and Bam!  The Shag Hickory Bark strewn across the floor catches my eye.  Although  the plan for the day was to finish a hanging sculpture, the gears have been switched and the excitement built.  I jump right in working on connecting the bark pieces together.  There is a fabulous arch in the bark where I can see the string gather and fall.  At the end of the day, I study the piece and it dawned on me I didn't use any copper, something new.  

I feel like when Henry Moore said,  "The creative habit is like a drug.  The particular obsession changes, but the excitement, the thrill of your creation lasts."  He was describing my day.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Creating Something New - Continued

First, before I start going on about the next art piece, I have to call attention to the title, "Creating Something New."  Right now - Mind You - this doesn't happen all the time, but it is now.  I am creating a lot of art that could be called, "New Creations."  OK, not all of the art is off the hook, but so far most pieces are working in that direction, I smile at this thought.  The feeling of creating just letting the flow, from eyes, to materials to shape to form to feel to color,  to feel the moment that a piece is finished is always different and curiously good to me.   Each piece of art swaps juices with me and the relationship every time is a whole new experience.  So, all that to say maybe I'll change the name of the Blog to "Creating Something New."

So last blog I talked about the 3 way screen and have now finished 4 assemblages to finish the series.  I will share one more and save the rest for the big reveal at the April opening.

This one that I am sharing was the first one and the most confined with the entire design held with in an uninterrupted dark wood frame, even while I was engaged in making this piece I felt a bit of constraint — and the finial piece is really something special.  Humm, levels of constraint could be a good thing?

Monday, February 14, 2011

Creating - Something NEW

OK, we are in my studio and behind the easel is a three way screen frame that has been the object of the last few weeks of creative passion.  While driving to the studio one morning the traffic was stand still and something steered me on the off ramp.  Before I know it I was driving passed my house and to some remote gas station - good gas prices and to my surprise there was a red light flashing on my dash board.  All right, I knew I needed gas but the red light was happening.  Any way to the good part.  At this point I should let all know Garbage, the right kind, excites me.  And, on this trip I stumbled on the three way screen, pulled to the side of the road, opened the trunk,  tossed the baby in and was on my way.  The red light was still flashing gas next stop.

The old saying, "One woman's garbage is another woman's treasure" although it is very catchy doesn't really apply to how I see and respond to found objects.  First each found object, may it be wood picked up on the forest floor or wood collected from a construction site or wood set out for pick up, I believe must be honored in a way.  I refinish the surface or connect it with complimentary components or completely dismantle it till it is not recognizable.   The most important part is creating a well crafted finished piece of art that pushes the materials to their glory and respects the viewer.  So, all that to be said here is how one of the panels of the three way divider progressed.

This is a combination of Rhododendron root copper wirer and one of the panels of the screen.  Although this image felt done, when I left the studio something was not sitting well with me.  By morning I knew

The root was way to confined.  There is a shape and elegance and freedom to the form that pulls on something inside. 

Thursday, February 10, 2011

~ 1st. Art Show April ~

OK - I just came from Center City Galliers in Paterson, NJ they are giving me a show!
The space is hug - So much for the 10x10 booth I am use to cocooning in, one wall is 
around 62ft with well over a 13ft foot ceiling.  This space has angled walls and a 
bank of windows that give it real character suggesting play here.   I do know that God is
challenging me with this gift and I am going to give it my best shoot!  

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