Monday, May 7, 2012

Alternative Art Exhibition

Assemblage of JOY

Some art lovers studying Anthony's Contemporary Abstract Paintings 
The Paterson Art Walk, was a great day. 

Anthony, Me, Donata and Friend standing in front of 
my 'Grandma Huggin Door,' Portrait and book.

I have to thank the Paterson Art Council and Donata for such a well-organized event and David the property owner that donated beautiful old well-kept silk factory spaces.  

David and Anthony posing in front of his painting that was designed with historical facts of Paterson written onto the surface of this painting.  And because of the massive pigeon population one will find dug from this bird gracing the surface.  I'm not sure if he was thinking that it is like an arial view and pigeons fly in the sky and their dug would fall, hence on the painting - either way the composition really works.  

Me, Mayor Jeffery Jones and Anthony
I also thank the Paterson Mayor for stopping by and bring a smiling face. 

I thank all the artists and art lovers for sharing your personal stories and insight with Anthony and myself around the works of art.   Please, take a look at Anthony Boone’s abstracts at  I am proud to share a space with him.  His abstract paintings go beyond the safe and yet remain very harmonious.  Through layers and layers of paint you may see the glowing of orange in the uniformed cracks of an almost all black and green canvas or the swirling of a well orchestrated group of colors and the dare is that Anthony will introduce an unexpected color and it works.  A person just has to love those that are willing to push the envelope.  

This assemblage's head was crafted out of plaster mix-medium, dirt and concrete.  The head also bobs for some reason I thought  heads rarely ever are still so I constructed a wirer structure that would allow some motion.  And I left space with in the head with a beautiful night sky back drop for us the viewers to fill in the space.

This is a self portrait that changes every once in a while.  The most recent change was the addition of a lock in the front.  I thought it might help me not talk so much, but really! no such luck there.

There are so many more pieces of art work in this exhibit it really is a must see.  I'll keep you all in the know for the closing party.

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